“Elevater” of the Month



What is an “elevater”?


An elevater—this is my term, as I do not believe this word exists in the dictionary—is an individual who elevates, or raises, others. These are the people who inspires us, see us as our true selves, and have faith we can achieve our highest dreams. They’re our cheerleaders, coaches, mentors, gurus, nurturers. They’ve got our backs and stand by our side.


Now there are different types of elevaters. Some live in our own households. Others are meaningful teachers from our past. Perhaps it’s a friend, neighbor, or the mailman who brightens your day with his warm smile and cheery greeting. 


They’re the leaders in our community who stand up when others are afraid to take the high road. Elevaters reach out and ease others’ burdens, support worthy causes, and provide assistance to those others ignore. These are the men and women who see solutions, think outside the box, and know how to bring people together. 


Elevaters may be known by reputation only. Many are famous influencers who utilize social media and podcasts to lift their followers. My guess is Oprah elevates many, as does Jack Kornfield, Depok Chopra, and Brené Brown. Authors elevate. So do activists and spiritual leaders. Certain celebrities can elevate, though I suspect most think their words are more revered than they actually are. Of course, elevaters do not need to be living, as their inspiring messages are everlasting. Think of Mother Teresa, Ram Dass, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi.


I’ve been blessed with many elevaters in my life. You will recognize the names of some, yet others will be new to you. By highlighting these individuals and how they’ve impacted me, I hope to share their light. Maybe reading their story will remind you of someone who’s touched your soul. Or perhaps it may motivate you to reach out to another and make a difference, just as this person has with me.

It’s a privilege to honor those who’ve encouraged me on my path. I’m excited to share their stories and how they made a difference in my life. No doubt it will be challenging to choose only one elevater each month, as there are many who have motivated me to be a better version of myself. 


I will announce the first “elevater” at the end of this month. Here’s a teaser—she is a special woman, one of the “top five humans in my life.” She’s taught me and countless others how valuable, special, and important we are. Stay tuned…