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Thank you...

Learning to Bend, my debut novel, is now officially published. Today’s emotions have ranged from feeling grateful to humbled to blessed. But, mostly, my head is flooded with two words thank you… to so many.

First, to my family – my husband, Scott, our sons, Jack and Grant, and my parents … you’ve taught me unconditional love. Your support during this entire process has kept me going and believing in myself.

To Amy Impellizzeri – it all began with you. You showed me how to use my voice through the written word. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you for sharing the world of writing with me.

To Melanie Brill, Kerstin March, and Andrew Cooper – without this all-star team, I’d never have been able to publish this book. You are all incredibly talented, and I so appreciate your friendship and your gifts!

To my friends who have been beta readers, proofers, launch team members, and early supporters of this book. To those who’ve boosted my confidence when I had doubt… and to those who’ve cheered me on. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To Wendy Cooper, Angie Goodstein, and lululemon – for everything that you are doing for the book launch party in Bend.

And, to you – for reading my blogs and posts, for giving me the inspiration to write. For who would a writer be without a reader?

Thank you… two small and simple words, but the meaning and love behind them is enormous.


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