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The Retreat

Release Date - April 2023

When you look deep within, you might be surprised by what you discover …


Marlee, Juliette, Sophia, and Annie’s trip to Costa Rica’s holistic resort, Nueva Vida, not only promises access to a “new life,” but it also provides the perfect setting for each to discover the next phase of her journey. During their stay, they meet Maggie Carr, a young architect from Pittsburgh whose life has recently turned upside down after the unexpected death of her mother. Captivated by Maggie's good nature, grace, innocence, and integrity, the women "adopt" Maggie into their group.


Led by a shaman, with workshops taught by an astrologer, an intuitive healer, a channeler, and other talented energetic practitioners, these five women willingly and unwillingly leave their comfort zones to participate in various spiritual healing methods. While this retreat promised to “unveil your inner-knowing and guide you toward your destiny,” none expect the startling revelations that emerge. Yet, as Marlee, Maggie, Sophia, Annie, and Juliette learn to trust, let go, and believe in what seems unimaginable, each discovers a vital piece to her life puzzle.


Told through the point of view of both Marlee and Maggie, The Retreat shows how courage, surrender, and faith are necessary to move forward on one’s journey. The second of three books in The Awakening Series, The Retreat is the bridge for Marlee and her friends to transform to their next life phase in this life … 

and become The Healers.

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