A native of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Philadelphia, Michelle received her B.S. in Finance from Lehigh University. A short stint in the banking world helped her to realize she had not yet found her passion, so Michelle made a major career switch and followed her heart into the field of Education.


After obtaining a Masters in Education at St. Joseph's University, she taught at the elementary level in both the private and public sectors. Following the birth of her first child, she took time off to stay at home and be a full time mom. It was during this period that Michelle volunteered at numerous local organizations.


From president of the Junior League, to trustee at Alvernia University, to school board president, Michelle immersed herself in the Berks County community. These years taught her a great deal about leadership, communication, conflict, and resolution. Still, she knew that she needed more, anticipating a large void in her life when her boys left for college. That's when she decided to combine her educational background with an entrepreneurial spirit and began working as an independent college admissions consultant, assisting families in discovering "best fit" schools for their young adults.


Then, in the spring of 2017, life presented two new opportunities ... writing and a part-time existence in Bend, Oregon. While exploring her new environment, she began to find her voice through the written word. And she realized that she loved it! In February of 2020, Michelle published her debut novel, Learning to Bend, a story about a young woman who takes a risk, leaves her comfort zone, and slowly discovers who she is. After all, isn't that what we're all trying to do?

Michelle's second novel, The Dog Walkers, is being published by Adelaide Books and will be available in March of 2022. Currently, Michelle is working on the first book of an exciting trilogy addressing friendship, holistic healing, energetic practices, and life purpose. Stay tuned!

michelle m. davis