The Invitation


Betrayal … Desire … Violence … Fear …


Though somewhat guilt-ridden from repeatedly lying to her husband, Nicki Keating’s anticipation of a passionate Valentine’s celebration with her lover overpowers all shame. But after arriving at his stunning mountain home, she encounters her darkest nightmare. Devastated and frightened, Nicki runs … but to where?



Uncertainty … Doubt … Distrust … Worry …


Marlee Ryan, a part-time journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, is married to an orthopedic surgeon and mother to sixteen-year-old Patrick—who is growing up more quickly than she’d like to admit. While writing comes easily to Marlee, she struggles with her most recent assignment addressing holistic healing opportunities in the Philadelphia area. After participating in several New Age practices, Marlee realizes that not only do these spiritual wellness methods help her feel renewed, but they also assist in unearthing feelings she’s suppressed for years. However, these lessons quickly surpass personal development when Marlee and three friends travel to the Poconos for a getaway weekend. Unexpectedly intertwined in a murder mystery, the four women utilize newly discovered gifts to uncover missing pieces to the crime. This journey of self-realization guides Marlee to release the past, listen to her intuition, and embrace the uncertainty of her future.


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