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Could It Be Time To Balance?

When contemplating topics for the next blog, I often review my master list to avoid duplication. As I scanned titles on this spreadsheet, it became abundantly clear that January seems to be the time I explore being vs. doing. Not only did I address this exact subject last year, but I also wrote “Finding Our Balance” in the beginning of 2022. Maybe some topics do warrant further investigation.


Like nature’s seasonal changes, we, too, go through our own cycles. After the holidays, I seem to struggle finding a balance between getting things done and maintaining time for myself—the doing vs. being quandary. I suppose this annual predicament makes sense. After a month of Christmas preparations, celebrations, and time with family, it’s natural to want to both retreat into a cave and forge ahead to take care of business.


Usually, I start the new year with a ton of doing—cleaning out closets and drawers, sorting photos, tossing unhealthy holiday items from the pantry, and furiously completing a detailed checklist meant to prepare me for the upcoming twelve months. After all, isn’t January an appropriate time to get ourselves and homes organized and back on track?


However, this year I intentionally went in another direction. Instead of tackling tasks, I focused on being, choosing to wait to do. While I did succumb to a quick tidying up after taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, instead of continuing to do, I challenged myself to instead be in the moment. I welcomed downtime, allowed for introspection, and permitted myself time to feel instead of constantly thinking about what’s next, what’s wrong, and how I could possibly get it all done.


Mother Nature’s “gift” of several snowstorms, followed by a few days of freezing rain blessed this self-imposed hibernation. Roads became icy, events were cancelled, and I found myself with more free time than anticipated. However, I didn’t squawk at all. Fully enjoying the unexpected closures, I continued to allow myself to be.


A quiet and reflective January enabled me to ground and become in touch with my body and its rhythms. I read for pleasure, without a book club deadline or another reason to finish a book. And I returned to writing. This fall, I’d shelved The Healers, the third book of The Awakening Series. Unsure of the “whys,” all I knew was the first draft didn’t feel right. Couple that with everything involved with publishing a novel—time, intense focus, money, and promotion—I gladly took a hiatus from this book, telling myself I may never finish it. However, this past week something changed. Restored and energized, suddenly, it felt right to recommit to this project.


Maybe this was the source of my need to be. Perhaps the solitude reminded me how much I love writing. Had my head become so busy thinking and doing that I required a prolonged period of stillness to feel inspired to write, realize what needed to be changed in the manuscript, and embrace the commitment publication requires?


I think so.


What about you? Where do you find yourself on the being vs. doing spectrum? Are you immersed in New Year’s resolutions, tackling projects, and accomplishing goals? Or have you been like me, nestling into your inner thoughts, exploring your creative passions, and focusing on deeper aspects of life?


Where we are is not important. I suppose what truly matters is the reason behind our actions …  or inaction. Sometimes it’s easier to keep pushing ourselves, insisting we’ll relax once we get it all done. However, there are moments in life where we need to rest, turn inward, and honor our body and soul’s requirements to just be, letting us return to equilibrium.


Here’s the funny thing about balance … is it doesn’t seem important until we realize we’ve lost it.


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