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Buried Jewels

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all,

and then stands back to see if we can find them.”—Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever discovered an unexpected ability? It’s as though a precious gem appears out of nowhere, challenging us to pick it up, polish it, and wear it over our heart. Whether it’s an unknown interest, talent, or aptitude, life can reveal beautiful gifts when we least expect it.

Sometimes this happens by chance, yet often a sudden opportunity presents itself. But instead of demurely replying our usual, “No thank you,” we courageously shout, “Hell, YES!”

Maybe growing older encourages this leap of faith, helping us to recognize these now or never moments. Because when we permit ourselves to look within for our buried jewels, we often stumble upon our greatest treasures, opening us to exciting experiences and unanticipated adventures.

Some people have a natural ability to see their gifts at an early age, allowing themselves decades to foster these talents. However, for others, it takes time to see. Or maybe we must first become comfortable in our own skins, better able to trust our instincts. Regardless of when we find our hidden precious stones, I suppose the most important question is, “Now what?” Are we ready to hone that glorious gemstone? Or do we require more time until we’re ready?

For me, I suppose my hidden jewel has something to do with writing. Never in a million years would I have believed I’d have a blog—where I write about my inner thoughts—or publish four (now working on #5) novels. If someone had told me this, I would have rolled my eyes and replied, “No way … I’m a math girl. I can’t write.”

However, meeting Amy Impellizzeri changed all of that. When I signed up for this author’s writers’ workshop—because I wanted sharper skills to help my high school students with their college essays—a new and exciting opportunity presented itself. And Amy was there every step of the way, encouraging me to say the necessary “Hell, YES!” to begin this journey.

Still, as much as I wanted to write, I was afraid to express myself. How would others perceive me? Would they like my work, or would they feel a need to say they did when they didn’t?

Perhaps most writers struggle with these questions. After all, it’s natural to worry about what people think. However, releasing this fear (admittedly, there is still more to let go) allows me to show up more authentically, sharing my thoughts and imagination without tampering down my story to fit into what I assume my readers expect.

But what I find even more exciting than realizing my own path is watching others locate their hidden gems. Whether it is a newly discovered passion for cooking, martial arts, gardening, pottery, or painting, uncovering a concealed talent lights us up. We view the world through new, clearer lenses. There’s a lifting of our spirit, a spring to our step, a lightness in our voice. It’s as though we’ve woken up from a beautiful dream and are ready to move forward, but with a renewed sense of our “why”—our reason for being. Truly, it’s a wonderous sight.

Each of us possess a unique gift from the Universe. But it’s up to us to find it. Yet when we do, life shifts. We sense a greater purpose as a flame within begins to spark.

What’s your hidden jewel? Have you already discovered it, or is it still buried within, waiting to be unearthed?


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