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Circle of Life

Two weeks ago a good friend said to me, “We all must walk that path.” She was referring to our parents and their aging process. It’s true. Witnessing our parents grow older can be a beautiful yet sad part of life. I remember watching the Lion King performance with our sons at Disney World, listening to “The Circle of Life.” I loved that song and the concept of that circle. But now that I am facing one of those circles closing, the pain is deep, and the sadness can become overwhelming.

Now it’s not my intention to write this blog to “de elevate” my readers. So instead of talking about grief and suffering, I am going to shift and address how we can keep ourselves lifted during times of deep sorrow. After all, if we cannot raise our own energy, then how can we give it to others, especially those who need it the most during these difficult times.

As a circle closes, the best thing we can provide to another is love and compassion. When you feel like there is nothing that you can do to change a situation, know that your best offering may be to raise your vibration so that you can better help those suffering around you. Increasing your energy will allow you to provide more love and compassion to those in pain.

But how do you raise your vibrational level? I believe that each person has a unique formula to increase his or her energy flow. Below are some strategies I use to keep my energy at its highest level. Maybe sharing these will help you navigate through life’s challenges:

1. Listen to Music – I actually have a playlist called “Fave Tunes,” and I’ve been playing it all summer. My favorites from this list are: Lovely Day, Say a Little Prayer, September, You Are the Sunshine of My Life and pretty much anything by Maroon 5. These songs are my comfort music, they make me feel happy.

2. Exercise – Nothing boosts my energy like running outside in nature while listening to my “Fave Tunes.” And while I can’t run as much as I used to, a good spin or time at the gym is a close second.

3. Meditate – Whether guided or timed, sitting quietly and being alone in my head provides a calm, centered start to my day. I can always find numerous reasons not to meditate, but once I do, it’s an instant reboot.

4. Journal – Writing down my thoughts is incredibly therapeutic. And I like that documenting what’s happening in my world helps me “connect the dots” and see the big picture answers.

5. Be in Nature – Whether I walk, sit or play, being in nature is incredibly rewarding. Try watching the birds, or just enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers. Feel that energy and it will transfer to you. (Yesterday I saw a groundhog sitting straight up on a curb, munching an acorn in its paws. Seeing this made me laugh, and then I could feel the ripples of energy flow through my body.)

6. Spend Time with High Vibrational People – Energy is contagious. When you would like to increase yours, find someone who vibrates at a high level and be with them. (Likewise, avoid those who suck the life out of you.)

7. Listen to an Inspirational Podcast – Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations hosts incredible guests that deliver amazing messages. My favorite episodes feature Don Miguel Ruiz, Maya Angelou, Brené Brown, Michael Singer, and Eckhart Tolle.

8. Gratitude – When times are tough and it seems as if not much is going right, pause for a moment and consider anything that is positive in your life. It might not be much – perhaps it’s the fact that the sun is shining. Regardless, find one small thing and be grateful for it.

As summer comes to a close (I know it’s technically not fall till Sept. 21st, but for me summer’s always over after Labor Day) be conscious of your vibrational frequency. Notice the dips and experiment to see what strategies can alter those levels. Once you become aware of how your energy ebbs and flows, then you are more able to regulate it.

While we cannot control what life hands to us, we can control how we respond to these challenges. And while our energy cannot always be bursting at the seams, even a small boost can have the biggest of impacts, especially when a circle around us begins to close.

Feel the sadness, but then see if you can increase your vibration. By elevating yourself you are then able to elevate those around you.


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