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God Seeds

This past week I listened to an Oprah podcast featuring author, Jean Houston, an incredibly interesting and accomplished woman. Of course, I wasn’t just sitting there focusing on the conversation – it was more of a background diversion while working out on the elliptical machine at the gym. But when I heard her say, “We are all God seeds,” I really started to pay attention.

God seeds – what an idea. Could every single one of us be born with a unique gift which, if properly nourished, allows us to develop into our highest selves and fulfill our unique purpose here on Earth? Then that’s God’s present to us as newborns. It’s as though He prepares the ground, plants the seed, and then waits to watch His garden. But it’s up to us whether we grow straight toward the sky or slowly wither to the ground. And if we all have this seed or essence inside of us, then everyone – regardless of who they are or what actions they've taken – has the ability to shine brightly and be a force of inspiration for others during his or her lifetime. Perhaps some of our seeds have been a bit dormant – but that doesn’t matter. The potential still exists and is waiting to be tended. Yet, how can we ensure that our God seeds flourish, helping us become the most glorious, generous, and caring versions of ourselves? What must we do to foster this growth?

My natural instinct is to first ask what other living things need to prosper here on Earth. They necessitate water, light, and fertilization. No doubt some tender loving care could promote healthier leaves, more beautiful flowers, and stronger stalks and stems. The reality is that taking care of a plant is not that difficult – we just have to make sure that we consistently give it water, sunlight, and maybe add nutrients to its soil from time to time. Yet we are not plants. Human beings are entirely different creatures. So, what about us? What must we do to feed our God seed?

And let’s be honest. This is much more than just growing that seed, surviving our natural life cycle. While we want healthy bones, vibrant skin, and shiny hair, we all know that’s just the window dressing of our human experience. It’s our internal being – our soul – that matters most. Then how do we ensure that we become our best and positively impact the world around us? What must we do to nourish our God seeds?

I don’t think that God expects us to be super humans, accomplish great deeds, discover life-curing remedies, or create amazing works of art. But I do believe that He wants us to be our best in whatever we do… whether we drive a school bus, run a Fortune 500, wash dishes at a local diner, teach coding to high school kids, or work as a lab technician. What we do isn’t that important – it’s how we do what we do. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

During your day – whether at home or at work:

- Are you present?

- Do you act mindfully?

- Do you accept those with differing opinions, or do you consistently judge others?

- Are you compassionate toward others and yourself?

- Can you forgive?

- Can you trust?

- Can you let go?

- Can you allow?

But the most important question that I think that God asks is:

- Can we love? And if so, how do we love? Do we impose limits, or do we love with an open heart, unconditionally and with no expectations attached?

As the new year begins, consider your own personal God seed. What can you do to help it thrive? Maybe the list above will trigger an idea, or perhaps you already know what might be missing. Embrace one thing that will help this seed prosper. Commit to make it a priority. Then watch and see your God seed grow!


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