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  • michelle m. davis

Just Do It

Autumn’s arrival brings a myriad of shifts. Suddenly, I crave soup, homemade breads, and afternoon tea. There’s an urgency to organize my closets, restock the pantry, and shop for pumpkins. Evenings become shorter and morning dog walks now require a puffy coat. I watch in awe as the world around me turns into shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Sure, a part of me mourns the loss of summer’s carefree days when I could be easily persuaded to leave my laptop to go outside to play. Still, I love the fall. But now that there’s less light, less warmth, and less leisure, and I’m called to get my act together and deal with the many “to do’s” I’ve left undone. In essence, autumn is a signal for me to get my shit together. It clearly announces that I cannot delay any longer.

Organization, balance, and stepping up to “what’s next” are areas of my life that need attention. Admittedly there are too many unwritten pages, unfinished blogs, ignored projects, and unread books. I own that I’ve been spending too much time in my bathrobe languishing over morning coffee. And I confess I’m apt to end my day curled up on the couch—next to my husband—with a glass of wine watching Netflix. It’s comfortable and reassuring in a time when uncertainty is the new normal.

Perhaps you, too, have fallen into the trap of postponing elements of your life to stay neatly coddled in your comfort zone. After all, it’s been too easy to craft reasons to stay home, opt out, and procrastinate. But now, a voice inside is telling me, “Just Do It.”

I realize this sounds like a Nike ad. Yet, when I take a step back and survey patterns from the past twenty-one months, it’s as though I’ve have become a master at rescheduling, delaying, or deleting items on the calendar. And while I whole heartedly believe this pause was necessary for many reasons, I don’t believe it’s in my best interest to continue living in this fashion. Now is the time to move forward, take responsibility for my life, and determine where I am headed. Just do it.

Of course, I’m not planning to return to pre-pandemic days. I think we’ve all had time to see how unhealthy certain habits and limiting beliefs were for us and for society. While there are aspects I miss, I’m conscious that what was is no longer sustainable or in our best interest. We can do better, be better, both individually and collectively. That’s why it’s critical for us to reassess what we want, devise a plan, and commit to seeing it through. Just do it.

This is not necessarily about achievement. Rather it’s forward motion on our own path. For some it may involve career decisions. Others may need to rethink relationships. Or perhaps it’s asking us to consider purpose, our reason for being here. Now is the perfect opportunity for inner work, examining those shadows that have kept us small and unable to manifest our dreams. Yes, this process is uncomfortable, but the benefits justify any pain. Just do it.

Autumn presents a beautiful period to reflect, revise, and recommit before we dive deep into the holiday season and the long winter that follows. Just as trees let go of their leaves so new growth can occur in the spring, we, too, are called to release what no longer serves us so we can explore new possibilities and evolve into our higher selves. It’s only when we let go that we can create space to explore areas that interest, intrigue, or inspire us. It’s in these moments of discovery that we understand hidden meanings, underlying messages, and universal truths. However, if we want to reach this stage, we must bravely step up and face the challenges ahead. Just do it.

I’m a dreamer. I love spending time in my head. But I must now ground so that I can proceed with my purpose. Just as a caterpillar must chew out of its cocoon, we, too, must take the necessary steps so we can spread our wings and fly into the beautiful unknown. Just do it.

Whatever you are called to do. Just do it.

If you are afraid. Don’t worry, you have the power within. Just do it.

Maybe you feel alone. But you are not. Others will walk next to you on this journey, supporting you as you find your path. Just do it.

You are loved. The Universe wants you to succeed your wildest dreams. Just do it.

Just. Do. It.


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