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  • michelle m. davis

Love Is the Answer

Our world has changed overnight. What we’ve known and are comfortable navigating no longer exists. Not only are we dealing with COVID-19 and its devastating effects, but we are also experiencing the impact of protests, rioting, and a divisive upcoming presidential election.

I’d hoped that masks and social distancing would be gone by now. While I understand the need to protect ourselves, I have great concerns about the psychological effects that COVID-19 will leave us with after we’ve found a vaccine. To me, it seems downright inhuman to constantly shield ourself from others. Wearing masks and keeping a six-foot distance sends a definite message… that we are not safe and that others cannot be trusted because they may make us sick.

That’s certainly not what I want to convey to friends or strangers. Still, it’s clearly apparent that it is not yet time to get rid of our masks. We must be patient, adapt, and accept this new normal. And while tempting to deny these disruptive changes brought about by the pandemic, doing so only leads to unmitigated stress and internal struggle. We cannot bury our head in the sand and pretend that life is as it was. But we are certainly far from powerless because we always possess the ability to decide how we choose to venture forward.

Proceeding into a new and unfamiliar environment can be unsettling. It’s like going for a hike deep into a dark forest when you have no idea where the path is leading you. Nothing looks familiar. Instead the large trees which block the sunlight make you feel small, insignificant.

This past weekend, my husband and I went hiking, and I felt this exact sensation. For a large portion of our trek, we were alone in a dense quiet forest that seemed to have no end. Taking in the awesome beauty of the ancient trees and captivating waterfalls, I was reminded of how magnificent and inspiring our world can be. I felt sheer joy from being in this sacred space. However, that was not my only emotion. Having always been terrified of bear, I kept worrying that one would appear out of nowhere, causing harm, or worse. This fear stifled the love in my heart.

But then I realized that I had two choices. I could feed this fear and ruin the experience, or I could opt to focus on love, cherishing the solitude as well as the time with my husband. Wisely, I picked the second… I chose love.

Right now, each one of us is at a crossroad. We must decide how we wish to navigate this new world. Currently, there seems to be a lot of anger, frustration, envy, and hate in our communities. Yet, all of these emotions connect to fear. No doubt there is a lot going on in our world that invokes such mental states. While these feelings may lead us to make positive and necessary changes, in the long run, we must be wise with how we proceed. Because when our actions and words are fear-based, our ego is leading us, not our heart. And when negativity fuels our bodies, our energetic vibration lowers. Not only can we feel the associated pain, but it can also affect those we care about.

Then what is the solution?

Whenever you are stuck and unsure of the best response, choose love. It’s always the winning answer. And, the best place to start is with yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself, then you are incapable of loving others. So, look within, do your work, and stop judging. Instead, elevate your emotions and vibrate at a higher level. This is how we can make the most positive impact, locally, systematically, and globally… when the intent for change comes from a pure and loving heart.

I have no doubt that humanity’s experiencing a major shift. The present uncertainty is forcing each of us to examine our belief systems, relationships, and willingness to become who we are meant to be. But in the process of this transformation, we become scared, unsure of ourselves, and suspicious of the world around us. We feed our worries and fears, magnifying the challenges instead of calming our souls.

So, what can you do to better navigate the new normal? After all, if this is now our world, we must decide how we want to be in this altered environment. If we cling to what was, we are acting in fear and will never be able to fully experience the wonder of what lies ahead. That’s why it’s important to consider love… for yourself and those around you. And if you struggle to love a certain someone, try this…

Just like me, __________ wants peace.

Just like me, __________ loves his/her family.

Just like me, __________ needs to be loved.

Just like me, __________ feels hurt and pain.

(Create whatever scenarios seem helpful.)

While love may not be easy, it is always the answer. Start by loving you. Nurture you. Take care of you. Raise your own vibration so that together, we can shift the world to become a better place, one where fear no longer resides.


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