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  • michelle m. davis

Packing Your Bag

Never did I imagine that the world would pause, cease to function as it always had. Our lives are now on hold, people are without jobs, and many have become sick – or even perished – from the virus. No doubt we’ve all lost something. No one is exempt.

Yet, I believe that things are beginning to turn. Together, we are moving forward into an unknown “new normal.” No one is able to predict what tomorrow will look like… we just know that it will be different, with less human touch and more conscious behaviors.

In light of the uncertainties that lie ahead, we face one more challenge. How do we want to emerge into this new world? As this is no doubt somewhat of a “rebirth,” it presents a perfect opportunity for us to consciously shift attitudes, behaviors and actions. After all, we always have the power to alter who we are.

If this concept interests you, then consider these two questions:

What have we learned from these past weeks about ourselves and others?

When restrictions are lifted, what habits, routines, and belief systems do we want to bring with us, and what do we choose to leave behind?

To help you with this exercise, envision that you are embarking on a trip to an unknown land. What will you pack in your suitcase? Of course, you’ll want to bring everything that will support love, prosperity, and joy, but you certainly won’t want to burden yourself with items that aren’t relevant, those that no longer fit.

Take a moment and consider the past six weeks. When were you at your best? Did you adopt any new habits while staying at home? Did you sleep more, eat better, or slow down your typical pace? Perhaps you challenged yourself, and as a result altered some belief systems. Think big. How have you changed for the better and what “aha moments” have enhanced your life?

Not only must we choose what to pack, but we must also decide what needs to be left behind. To do this, consider what no longer serves you. Can we abandon judgment, sarcasm, and jealousy? Maybe it’s perfectionism or being preoccupied with others’ opinions that can stay put. Or perhaps we will opt to let go of our stories, the tales we’ve told ourselves and others to justify why we are who we are. Are they really necessary, or can we release them along with any old personas or masks that we felt compelled to wear, allowing our true selves to shine?

We all get to choose what goes into our bag. New opportunities, some grander than we could ever imagine, lie ahead. Will we bring what we need to fully recognize these gifts, or will we remain bundled up in heavy, burdensome coverings that keep us from seeing? We no longer need to carry anything that weighs us down, preventing us from elevating into our highest self. So, let’s only pack the thought processes, traits, and behaviors that lift us and those in our presence.

My suitcase is out, open, and ready to be filled. Now I must consider what to bring into the future and what to leave behind. There are no right and wrong answers as to what we should pack. Plus, there aren’t weight limits, like we’ve grown accustomed to at airports, so we can bring as much as we want. It’s totally up to each of us to choose what we require for this unknown journey. While I predict that some decisions will be simple, others will need to be mulled over. For me, it all boils down to whether or not something will assist me in becoming a better version of myself.

Now is the time to pack your bag. Your new excursion is about to begin. As you prepare, make sure you take only what will benefit you in the days ahead. Let go of the rest. Old ways won’t open new doors. And, there are beautiful thresholds ahead, leading to love, prosperity, and joy. Be aware. Be prepared. Then begin this uncharted journey and discover your greatest life yet.


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