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  • michelle m. davis

Sometimes Darkness Shows Us the Light

We’ve always heard that it’s darkest before the dawn. And that seems to be where the world is right now. “Children” shooting children, Putin invading Ukraine, women’s rights being denied, people’s intolerance for those with differing beliefs—the list of humanity’s cruelness against one another goes on and on.

I suppose that’s what happens when people are wounded, scared, angry, and uncertain. Add power, greed, deprivation, mental illness, and a host of other conditions … well, it’s only more fuel to trigger atrocious behavior.

But is this new, or has it always been this way? After all, advancements in technology make it easier for us to access what’s occurring all over the world. News travels to our phones in seconds. Yet, maybe it’s more than being constantly inundated with information. Perhaps we’re becoming more aware because we are becoming aware?

Life as we knew it has shifted, and there’s no way to predict the future. What was true several years ago may no longer resonate and might never again. Add media’s constant bombardment of life’s brutalities—neglecting to balance it with good news—no wonder so many live in a state of fear. And there’s no escaping the chaos, because even if we wanted to go somewhere else to find peace, it seems as though every place is impacted by the insanity.

So, what do we do? Who do we trust? What is safe to believe? Where can we get real information? Sometimes I feel as though the rug’s been swept from under my feet, and I cannot find the ground beneath me.

How bad must it get until it gets better?

As our surroundings become more and more fragile, people can no longer rely on what they’ve always known, felt, and done. Instead, we’re faced with two choices … we either live in a state of fear, unsure of when the next shoe will drop … or we begin to leave behind old belief systems and start to question what is really happening.

Personally, I’ll choose the latter, as living in fear is no way to exist. Plus, I value my freedom too much to allow others to make choices which are mine to make. However, before we can take this step forward, we must admit that what we’ve relied on for years has holes—the reality we believed to be sacred may never have truly been.

But realizing this is a good thing because it means we’re remembering how to think for ourselves, become curious, and acknowledge that what always appeared as black and white really has many shades of gray. And the more we begin to break down these limiting structures we never before questioned, we understand how they held us back, pitted us against one another, and limited our growth.

Acknowledging the dark is the first step.

This realization can be the most difficult part of the process. After all, when what we’ve believed to be true really isn’t, we can feel vulnerable, angry, or afraid—questioning what and who we can trust. Yet, once we look beyond our old reality and consider what can be, something inside shifts. And this is when the light begins to shine on the darkness.

This allows us to witness what’s truly before us.

The more people that awaken to what is, the quicker our world will find its equilibrium. Decisions will become natural, as we will no longer react in fear, but respond from our hearts, conscious of what is best for humanity and our Earth. Slowly, our perspectives will widen, and we’ll become more accepting of others with differing cultures, beliefs, and ways. This does not mean we lose our identities; actually, we finally become free to step into our true selves. Because when we stop judging the world, the world stops judging us.

How long will this process require?

That is the million-dollar question. So much has been revealed the past two years, and many have transitioned from fear and compliance to questioning what is really occurring. This is not to suggest an evil conspiracy is behind the world’s ills; rather, it’s an observation … that slowly humanity is awakening to the manipulation and controlling practices that have been occurring forever.

So, what now?

All we can do is show up, ask questions, consider information from multiple sources, and then decide for ourselves. The problem occurs when we fail to do the thinking and rely on others’ opinions. But if we can look deeper, become curious, and think outside of what we’re told to believe, we begin to feel within. And that is where the truth always lies. This is what turns on our light.

When there is so much wrong, it can be challenging to find what is right. However, if we remember our own sovereignty, conscious we have free will to think for ourselves, we start to trust our inner authority to make heart-felt decisions. And when enough people choose to do this, our collective light shines, illuminating the beauty that exists beneath the darkness.


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