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Too often life presents uncomfortable encounters, unsettling situations, unanticipated problems, or unforeseen obstacles. Dealing with these scenarios is anything but pleasant. However, if we learn to go underneath, these unfortunate circumstances may become beautiful opportunities for personal growth.

Of course, it’s easy to miss the real lessons. We do it all the time. We’re too stuck, stubborn, or stagnant, only open to the 3D version of what’s in front of us. Yet often, that’s not the real issue. Instead, it’s representative of something bigger—frequently a shadow we refuse to acknowledge or an ignored cryptic message designed to propel us forward. True transformation occurs when we recognize what’s underneath the encounter, situation, problem, or obstacle so we can incorporate the teaching into our life.

God/Source/the Universe—whatever you choose to call the Higher Energetic Power—can be tricky. I suppose the Divine delivers significant soul lessons in surface level ways, knowing humans are often challenged to go deep. It’s easier to “get” the message through confrontation with a controlling boss, disappointment from an unreliable friend, or frustration from an inattentive spouse. But only when we accept the invitation to dive below the surface of these everyday triggers can we grasp what we are truly meant to see. These are our soul lessons.

Of course, it’s difficult to discover the true meanings buried in our traumas and dramas. But until we uncover the actual message, the Universe will keep sending these lessons, often in increasingly impactful ways. That’s why it’s best to take a big breath and commit to going underneath before the stakes become too high.

Recently, I’ve been faced with several situations having the same theme. Whenever this occurs, I know I’m getting a message from above, signaling it’s time to pause and look beyond what appears to realize what is.

As mentioned in previous blogs, I tend to be a “fixer” who sometimes crosses boundaries or tries to mend what is not mine. (It’s something I’m “working on.”) While my intentions seem to be pure, when I took the time to dive beneath, I began to understand it’s complicated—there’s so much more to my reactions when things don’t go my way.

After digging deep, it became apparent I have trouble trusting. My lesson is simple—instead of trying to fix, solve, or manage life’s circumstance, my work is to release control and trust all will be fine … without me trying to repair “what’s wrong.” In fact, if I get out of the way, everything may turn out even better than I could possibly imagine. That’s why I’m learning to give things to God—trusting peace and faith will develop as I let go and allow.

However, this is so hard for me to do. I want things to flow … in an efficient and effect manner. When that doesn’t happen, I do whatever I can to “make them work.” Whether this requires me to circumvent protocols, offer a bit of extra kindness, manipulate, or even became a hard-ass, I try my damnedest to make things proceed as I think they should.

Yet rarely is this strategy successful. Often, it backfires, limiting what could be and getting me in trouble.

So how long will it take me to get the message? Hopefully, I am figuring it out. That’s why I’m digging deep and looking underneath for the precious significance of it all. Because if I don’t grasp what needs to be understood, the situations will keep presenting themselves … in increasing intensity … until I finally get it.

How do we "see" what is truly meant to be "seen" instead of solely focusing on the current issue?

Whatever your underlying soul lesson is, know the earlier you dive in, the quicker you will find ease. Maybe visualize this message as a sunken ship, buried in the sand or camouflaged by a coral reef. If we can discover our vessel lying deep below the ocean’s surface and remove whatever keeps it hidden, then we can begin to recover the treasures—the pearls of truth, hidden gemstones, and golden nuggets of wisdom meant to guide us and enrich our time on Earth.

I believe what we are looking for is really buried in our heart space, our fourth chakra. However, so many of us have fortified our vulnerable hearts with steel—keeping us from feeling and going within to realize what we are meant to know. Instead, we remain in our minds—where we can reason, debate, think, judge, and expect. After all, the head is easier to navigate than the heart. And opening our heart reveals our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and less than pieces to others.

This Mother’s Day, my son gave me the most beautiful prehnite heart. As I held it in my hand, I sensed a calming vibration. Of course, this made total sense, considering it’s a stone of unconditional love that brings peace and protection. But later, when I closely examined my gift, I saw there were pronounced cracks, allowing me to gaze deeper into the heart’s center.

It was then I realized the perfection in this gift. These four distinct openings were granting me access into the heart space, where love and compassion reside. As there are no coincidences in life, I took it as a message … it was time for me to finally open my heart.

Showing my vulnerabilities has been hard for me. I’ve spent years trying to be perfect by highlighting my attributes and disguising my undesirable qualities. But slowly, my heart’s cracking open, and I’m acknowledging the pieces of me that are flawed, rough, less than. And I know that until I fully embrace my entire self, I cannot truly accept others as they are … beautiful humans who are perfectly imperfect!

Are you willing to dive deep and begin your search? Perhaps going underneath will reveal amazing insights intended to propel you forward on your soul’s journey.

By opening our hearts, we can submerge below the surface of what is to find the wisdom underneath. It’s then we discover our work. For me this means letting go of the need to fix, trusting God’s Divine plan, and knowing all will be well.

This is how we elevate.

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21 mei 2022

Simple yet profound words for a fellow “fixer!” I love the cracked heart analogy.

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