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Getting What You Want

What do you want?

Maybe a more relevant question is … Do you think your aspirations are obtainable? And if so, do you believe they will actually happen?

I’ve often wondered what causes us to get what we want. Is it merely from hard work, or might luck have something to do with it? And why do certain people seem to get it all while others constantly struggle?

The good news is we are not powerless when it comes to making things happen. We possess tools to increase our odds of getting what we hope to attract. Whether it is a different job, a loving partner, more friends, a new home, or perhaps even fame or fortune, we have the ability to shift our attitudes and beliefs, allowing our wildest dreams to become reality.

This is not about finding a bottle containing a magical Genie who automatically grants us three wishes. We know that’s only possible in books, television shows, and movies. However, we don’t require a Genie because we can begin the manifestation process on our own.

But what can we do?

Perhaps you’re familiar with affirmations—repeatedly saying what you desire in hopes that it will come true. The idea behind this technique is that we are imprinting the outcome we want, and by doing so, we increase the likelihood of it happening. Can this work? I think so.

Each morning, before rising from bed, I say several affirmations. One of my favorites is:

I have faith in Source, trust my intuition, and let go of what no longer serves me so I can live a life filled with love, joy, and happiness.

Of course, I know that merely repeating these words will not grant me what I want. I must also visualize this transition and imagine how I will feel when this goal comes to fruition. (Note, I said when not if… we must believe this will truly be our reality.) These two additional elements to manifesting affirmations are the special sauce. It is when we combine the embodying our greatest wants, trusting the Universe will deliver, and internally sensing the results that the magic happens.

Never mind what is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration

is a match to your desire.” – Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks is well known for “The Law of Attraction.” The main point behind this concept is that we attract what we are putting out. It’s only when we align our personal vibration with our sought-after goals that we put ourselves in an ideal position for our wishes to come true.

Unfortunately, it tends to be human nature to focus on what we are afraid of occurring. According to the Law of Attraction, when we concentrate on possible negative outcomes, we are more likely to attract those instead of our desired results.

For example, if we fear getting sick, we increase the likelihood that we will indeed become ill. However, if we shift our thinking patterns and instead trust that we possess excellent health and well-being, the chances are that will be the outcome. The essence behind this philosophy is we are like a magnet and attract what we are projecting—we embody the essence of what we want to occur.

I’m a big fan of this law and believe it absolutely can lead to wonderous improvements in our life. Of course, we can’t fake it, pretending to believe that our dreams will indeed transpire when we doubt. Remember, the Universe is too smart to be tricked; it knows our true thoughts. It is only when our intentions are pure and we have faith new opportunities are available to us that these manifestations occur.

Please know I am not suggesting you repeat “I will receive $100,000,000” over and over, envisioning yourself lounging poolside at a small villa in Italy overlooking the Mediterranean. Unless you draw the lucky lotto ticket, that probably won’t happen.

However, you can create an affirmation to increase your wealth while you set in place a series of actions designed to add more money to your life. Manifestation is not about magically creating a fantasy appear out of nowhere—it is claiming a desired outcome, believing it will come true, imagining how it will feel once it happens, and doing the appropriate work. In essence, you’ve gotta walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

If the Law of Attraction does not resonate with you, no worries. Still, I encourage you to give it a full-hearted try as the Placebo Effect­—a beneficial consequence occurring from something that is not the cause (the Law of Attraction), but nevertheless yields the desired outcome—is said to have a 30% chance of having our dreams manifest. I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to take those odds!

Still, you may prefer to try a different approach, one better suited to your belief system. If so, consider altering who you are so you attract what you want. I’m not suggesting a major life makeover, changing your entire belief system, appearance, career, or relationship status. But perhaps you could use an attitude adjustment of sorts. What would happen if you became more positive, thought first of others, judged less, practiced gratitude? After all, it is only when we bloom into our highest selves that we become magnets for the things we want in life.

“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee.

It blossoms and the bee comes.” ― Mark Nepo

Remember the last time your life flowered. Perhaps it seemed as though the days became uncomplicated, opportunities appeared from nowhere, and mistakes that would have caused issues in the past remained unnoticed. This sensation feels like a free pass of sorts—things miraculously fall into your lap with little effort.

Or did they?

Chances are you were projecting a pure state of positivity. You were open, optimistic, awake to your surroundings so you could say yes to the possibilities. You were in full bloom, attracting the bees!

For so many, the pandemic has put our lives on hold, kept us from manifesting what we want. But now it’s time, and the recipe is quite simple: increase our vibration, shine our light, and become our best selves. Watch what happens next.

But now I’m wondering … what if we combined both approaches … showed up as the best version of ourselves and lived as though our biggest dreams had already come true? Can you imagine how magnificent that would be?

It’s time. There is no reason to delay. Believe what you want is about to be yours … raise your vibration … project your best self ... manifest. These are the ingredients to make you unstoppable!


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