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Expressing Our True Selves

We have seven energy centers, or chakras, located in our body. The first, the root chakra, begins at the base of our spine, and the crown, our seventh, hovers over the top of our head. The remaining five lie between these two, along our spine.

While each chakra represents an area of our body and specific emotions corresponding to that location, many people’s fifth chakra—found at the throat, jaw, mouth, and neck—is blocked. As you may have guessed, our fifth chakra is how we express ourselves.

This is not surprising, as now more than ever, it seems difficult to speak our truth. In a world filled with judgment and contempt, we’re hesitant to voice our opinions. Because if we say what we truly believe, we take a huge risk, as others might dislike, criticize, or even censor us. That’s why it’s natural to shrink, play small, and be careful with our words—it’s human nature to want people’s acceptance and approval.

Lately, I find myself hesitant to fully share my thoughts in certain arenas, fearful that speaking my truth may offend those with different beliefs. Of course, as an author and blogger, this can be a problem. Censoring myself narrows the topics I can address. However, if I stifle my voice and do not present as myself, then why bother? After all, since I started writing, my purpose has been to elevate others by presenting new perspectives. In fact, the following verbiage is from the main page of my website:

Often, I become inspired while at yoga or when in nature. What before seemed complex or confusing, suddenly makes complete sense. I love exploring these abstract thoughts and connecting them to real life situations and current events. Ultimately, these are the ideas that fuel my writing.

We constantly face issues that challenge us to be our best. While sometimes “we’ve got it,” there are moments when it’s nice to know that we’re not alone, that others also encounter the same questions, problems, and uncertainties.

Writing about my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned along the way helps me to better process the inner meanings, allowing me to move forward on a clearer path. It is my hope that these reflections also assist my readers in reaching their goals, climbing their mountains, and finding their higher selves … elevating to a new level.

That’s why I’ve committed to writing authentically, knowing my words will not resonate with everyone. The goal is not to have others agree with me, pat me on the back, and say, “atta girl.” While I certainly love positive feedback about my blogs and novels, I do not write for accolades—my purpose is to share a perspective, offer an opinion, and propose alternative ways of thinking, all with the hope of inspiring another.

However, doing this can be quite challenging. And I’m just wondering if you, too, find it difficult to express as your full self. Do you let others see the real you? Or are you guarded and intentionally keep your thoughts to yourself?

There are certainly no right or wrong answers, as sometimes it’s best to go with the flow and not create a stir. Our world’s experiencing a new level of uncertainty. Many people seem fragile, delicate, and overwhelmed by the news. Regardless of who we follow or what we read, it appears that we’re encouraged to feel afraid, vulnerable, and wary of those with differing opinions.

We walk on eggshells, doing our best to be sensitive to others’ feelings. We try not rock the boat. Our adult selves attempt to do what’s right, even when we’re not sure what right is. Sometimes I wonder how our child selves would act in this situation. If we weren’t influenced by outside forces, how would we interpret what is occurring around us? Would we be curious, intrigued, and eager to explore the new possibilities? And how would we treat those who think differently? Would we still play together in the sandbox?

What if we could agree there’s no right or wrong way? We each have our internal beliefs, what we know to be accurate for us. But are they true for all? If we were to release the need to be correct and reframe how we see things, could we lessen the distance between us and others?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the struggle, the delicate dance. I want to show up without pretending, worried I will be judged for who I am. And I certainly don’t want to be critical of others whose beliefs differ from mine.

Despite what the media and outside sources may suggest, we can honor our authentic selves and hold space, love, and compassion for those with differing views. We do not need to remain separate from one another. Instead, we can embrace who we are as well as those around us. This is how we open our fifth chakra—permitting our voice to flow while we allow the same for others. And in the process, our light within goes from a faint flicker to a brilliant flame.

Now is the time to stop hiding our true selves. Let’s allow the child within to shine. Use her voice to express your likes/dislikes as well as your needs/wants. Play, have fun, and explore life without worrying about others’ reaction. You be you. After all, who else could you really be? And don’t forget to allow others to be who they are as well.

When we show up as our authentic selves—while being compassionate and loving towards others—our fifth chakras flow, allowing us to bravely speak our truths. Though what you say may not resonate with all, it is your story, and your tale is meant to be told.


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