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Finding Alignment

Several people have asked why I’m leaving social media. Are you still writing blogs? Yes. Is everything OK? Yes. At the same time, I’ve received inspirational messages from those who understand.

The clearest way for me to explain is through the word alignment. Posting blogs and advertising my books on social media doesn’t feel right. This is not to negate the positives others receive through utilizing social media personally or for their business. The experience is unique for everyone. I’m not criticizing these platforms. Rather, I’m accepting what is true for me.

After three years of marketing novels and sharing blogs on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve realized it is not the best method to reach my audience. It’s time to switch gears and find a new avenue.

What will I do instead? I’m not sure. But for now, I’ll send emails to those who subscribe through my website, elevate …, as well as personal emails to friends and family. Will that reduce the number of people I can reach? Absolutely. But in my heart, I know this feels right. My goal has never been to have a big presence on social media to mass market my work. I just want to connect with people who will resonate with my stories.

My hope is that “followers” sign-up to receive bi-weekly blogs as well as book updates. And I’d love if people would share my writings with a friend or two. This seems authentic. True. Natural.

Alignment is not only a term to guide my writing, but it is also my word for 2023. Two years ago, I posted a blog about choosing a word to help focus on a specific goal for the upcoming year … In the months ahead, my personal work is to ensure that all decisions, actions, and thoughts align with what I hold to be true, what I know, and what I aspire to be.

Our world is changing … a shift is occurring. What we’ve always known to be may begin to appear differently. This challenges me to examine my behaviors and beliefs, asking what changes I must make to fully show up as my highest self. What’s become comfortable may be holding me back, causing me to spend energy in ways that no longer lead toward my purpose.

And so, the work begins. Slowly. Small adjustments. Surrendering old ways. Considering new possibilities. Being open to the unknown ahead.

Trust, let go, and believe … the best is yet to come.

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1 Comment

Jan 02, 2023

Hear hear! As one who also struggles with social media, I understand and applaud your decision. Looking forward to your regular epistles to provide a mirror for my own alignment. Namaste.

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