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Let Go to Let In

“If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?”—Emma Dunwoody

That’s a question I’ve been pondering. And after considering various options, I realize my answer centers around writing and how I share my work.

Last December, I left social media, claiming it felt out of alignment, inauthentic. But upon deeper reflection, I’m not so sure authenticity and alignment were the real reasons. Something else kept me away. But now I’m back … I’ve shifted gears and decided to try again.

Often, when we make strong pronouncements, we’re unaware of the bigger picture. That’s what happened to me. Instead of considering social media as a sea of endless possibilities, I saw it as a narrow rabbit hole, a bottomless pit of negativity and self-promotion—two things that make me cringe. My goal was to be authentic, and I claimed my definition of alignment prompted me to exit.

This seven-month hiatus offered further insight behind this decision—it showed me what was really underneath. Instead of having the faith to unapologetically share my blogs online, I opted to email my work directly to those who subscribed to my website. In this protected space of like-minded readers, I confidently wrote without fear of rejection.

However, I’ve come to learn Facebook and Instagram are more than a medium for self-validation, a platform to spend endless time escaping the real world, and a place where people can choose how they wish to portray themselves and their lives. They’re also a space to share thoughts and ideas, an opportunity to interact with others, and a spot to support friends as well as strangers. I suppose it all boils down to how you look at it.

And there are two main ways to interact with social media. We can be content receivers or content producers. Should we opt to create, it’s important to relinquish control over others’ reactions about our posts. Our only power lies in who we follow, how we receive the information on our feeds, and what we respond to vs. what we ignore. In essence, my job as a content creator is to share my thoughts with the highest intention … and then let go of the results. My blogs are not for everyone. But if my writing could make a difference in one person’s life, then mission accomplished.

Of course, reentry may be challenging. If I hope to have a rewarding online presence, I must do things differently. It’s important to block spam accounts, respond to others’ posts, and produce stories as well as reels. Also, it’s critical to be conscious of hashtags, algorithms, and other things that have nothing to do with being a writer. But if I want others to see my work, it’s time for me to make some changes in how I show up.

To let in more readers—give them access to my blog—I must let go of my fear of judgment and write as my true self. This is the real definition of aligned and authentic.

While I’d like to play it safe—bubble wrap my blogs so only those I trust can read them—doing so will not make me better at this craft. It will only limit my audience. If I hope to reach a larger scale of readers, then I must be willing to take a leap of faith.

Is there anywhere in your life that you’re playing small … remaining in your comfort zone to feel safe? If so, maybe consider tip toeing out, just for a bit, to explore possibilities beyond your protected haven.

It’s when we find the strength to leave what’s comfortable that we begin to step into alignment. For me, this means allowing myself to be vulnerable … something that’s difficult for me to do. But if we hope to grow … elevate to the next level … we must bravely move forward into the unknown … letting go to let in.


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