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Responding Within

“You are not responsible for what is happening in the world. You are responsible for yourself.”

don Miguel Ruiz

Our world is in a state of chaos as we transition from what we’ve known into a new, unforeseen way of being. The magnitude of this shift is something none of us could predict. And I don’t think we’re going to be given a choice whether we wish to make this leap or remain in our comfort zone. It’s going to happen despite what we want.

As much as I hate to admit it, at times this thought scares the hell out of me. What will our new life be like? How will things change? What if I don’t like what the world becomes?

None of us can control what is happening around us. We can only control how we respond within—our thoughts, actions, and projections. While we may not possess any power to harness outside forces, we do have control over ourselves. We get to decide what we believe, what we align to, how we behave, and who we choose to be.

If I immerse myself in the negativity of the news, social media, or certain individuals, my energy level drops and I become worried, anxious, or fearful. I begin to doubt myself and judge others. I may even become angry, resentful, or bitter.

But here’s the beautiful thing. I have a choice. And if I decide to travel down this rabbit hole, I recognize it can be dangerous, causing a great deal of anguish. So I do my best not to go there.

Still, it’s hard. When I least expect it, I’ll hear or read something that triggers me, causing alarms to go off in my brain. ALERT! ALERT! INTRUDER! Of course that is only the voice inside my mind trying to keep me from harm’s way. My small self is shouting, making sure she’s heard.

But whenever my fear-based ego screams like this, causing me to doubt my knowing or judge others for their beliefs, I know my vibration is spiraling downward, out of control. Suddenly, I am not being responsible for myself. I’ve transitioned to group think, releasing my ability to decide. And whenever I function at this level, I have taken a step backward, operating from fear instead of love.

It’s natural to fall into a fear-based state when our world is turned upside down. Right now, I kinda feel like I’ve been forced on one of those cylindrical amusement rides where after reaching a certain speed, the bottom drops out. Yet, despite having no floor, my body remains glued to the wall due to centrifugal force. Perhaps this is exactly what’s occurring now. We’ve lost our bottom—our grounding—but we haven’t fallen. Instead, we’re being held up by some unknown energy.

I’d like to think the energy keeping us in place is love. Whether this be God’s love or the love we have for each other, I believe it’s pure light that holds us steady. Sure, we may not be a pretty sight. Some days I feel tilted, maybe even upside down. But it’s OK. I know I’m safe. We all are. There is a new way coming. It won’t look like the old, what we are so accustomed to. It will be different—perhaps amazing once we arrive—but the process of getting there may be scary, even painful.

Someone compared what’s currently occurring to a real birth. I have no memory of my own beginning on Earth, but I can imagine the process was not pleasant. After all, why would a tiny baby want to venture into a cold, blinding world, physically cut from all ties to its mother and her safe, warm, and nourishing body? Don’t you see the parallel to what’s happening today?

Still, I believe that despite the difficult delivery, humanity will rise, emerge stronger, more compassionate, and wiser. We won’t be passive, take the easy way out, or ignore injustices. We will live in space filled with love, peace, and joy.

Yet before our planet can achieve this state of harmony, we must first look within and witness both our gifts and our shadows. Owning all aspects of who we are is what will allow us to heal. And then we can shine our lights for others, not direct them on the path, but let them know there are roads available and that we are willing to travel next to them.

But how do we get to this stage of the game? I want to know the next steps, so I can be responsible for myself, own who I am, and then find ways to become the woman I hope to be. I want to shine the light!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer the negative elements in your life, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy!”

—Dale Carnegie

Quotes from don Miguel Ruiz and Dale Carnegie in the same blog may seem funny. However, I’ve found that if I only remain in a spiritual mindset, I’m prone to becoming stuck in contemplation. It’s equally important to act if I want the shifts to occur. After all, I can envision something all day long, but for it to manifest, I must be willing to do the work.

Maybe that’s the real question. What work must I do to become fully responsible for myself—my thoughts, words, and actions?

Now this is a loaded question, as the answers are endless. We never are “fixed,” “arrive,” or finish the process. After all, that’s why we’re in Earth School, to experience, learn, grow, and transform. But suddenly Earth School’s jolted us from kindergarten to high school, forcing us to deal with new concepts, mind-expanding curriculum, and extremely difficult tests. The rules are different, and we have not been taught how to study for our final exams.

But it will be OK, maybe even better than OK. God never gives us more than we can handle, indicating we are ready for this challenging journey. We’ve run out of excuses, at least I know I have. It’s time to step up, rise to the next level, and own who I am. While I know there will be slip ups along the way, and I may even fall off the path a few times, I will do my best to make the necessary shifts to become responsible for myself. Yes, I admit I cannot change the chaos of the world, but I can create peace within. It won’t be easy, but isn’t that why we’re here?


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